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This is a team treasury of the Goth n Gorgeous team! I Hope you like my treasury!
 by ghostgap

Take number two of the horror gorgeous saga featuring the artworks of the team goth-n-gorgeous!

Part TWO of a collection of treasuries featuring members of the Goth n Gorgeous team. Tales of mystery and horror, of bats and zombies, and things that although may not go bump in the night, may cause some issues if they fall on you. Enjoy!

Goth n Gorgeous team treasury part one ( our team is growing and i want to include ALL members, so I am making two treasuries today to feature all of us).
The theme of treasury part one is PURPLE! A rainbow of purple tones!

This is a team treasury to the Goth N Gorgeous team that I am one of the proud leader to be a part of.
 by ghostgap

The autumn begins, but the trees are still green . . . and in the rays of light some miracles happen!

Goth n Gorgeous team treasury part two ( our team is growing and i want to include ALL members, so I am making two treasuries today to feature all of us).
The theme of treasury part two is black red silver

This is a Goth N Gorgeous Treasury. All the artists are most talented and worthseeing! So pay them a visit and you'll find a gothic paradise..

Steampunk Art was influenced by the 19 century scientific romances of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Mark Twain and Mary Shelley.

 Black and white goes with just about anything. It's classic, it's timeless. 

This is my first treasury for the Goth N Gorgeous Team. Three items are not from the team but I LIked them and added them.
 by ghostgap

 I am because I overcome.......
 by mablum

 I just dyed my hair black, with a green fringe... in celebration of the new fringe colour (it has been purple for a while) I have made a green and black based treasury from items made by the GOTH N GORGEOUS TEAM!

 Everything in this treasury inspires me, lifts my spirits, and makes me want to rush into my craft room to loose myself in a sea of yarn, paint, glue, and happiness.

 Just some fun stuff I found while browsing people shops!

 Currently its 21:22 on Sunday night ... im contemplating work tomorrow, and singing to myself "Tell me why I don't like Mondays' ... to cheer myself up I have put together some of my faves from the members of the Goth n Gorgeous team. enjoy!

 I included fellow team members of the Goth N Gorgeous team. I love red ! I hope you like my combidnation of Halloween and gothic handmade items!
 by ghostgap

 All things a little dark

 From the talented members of the Goth n Gorgeous team: and in honour of the etsy people in the Northern Hemisphere, I present you with this Autumn (Fall) collection of goth delights. Please visit these sellers!

 Twilight is that time when the sun struggles with the past and the future, not wanting to leave the day, but having to forge to the next. Somewhere in the world, it's twilight. Dusk. Almost night.

 From members of the Goth n Gorgeous team, I present to you this treasury.
I had a very long and tiring day at work, so it was a delight for me to see such great things our team members have listed to sell. Such talented people!

 I always ay pink is my favorite color but red is a another favorite of min. All the items here are fellow member of the shop treasuries team. I hop you like my treasury!

 I live in the southern hemisphere, and tomorrow, the first of September will be spring for us! To celebrate the end of winter, I have created this treasury of spring type things, flowers, gardens, wildlife...All a bit gothic.

 gothic is my style

 I love these colors

  by love2sew


just some random favorite pieces from various fellow etsians that are also members of a few teams that i am in.

 There is nothing like a long summer night in the desert........

 Hey! If you like this treasury check out Etsy Gothic Community!
xxx Aflamed Valkyrie

 A treasury from the Goth n Gorgeous team...this was themed on 'wings'.i was sidetracked seeing a ring and added perfumes, therefore tonight we have 'wings rings and things'. Please visit these sellers they are great!

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